Your Eyes Can’t See My Heart
Failure to Man Is Not Failure To God
Ego Has No Place in The Law
Christian B$⸸ch: A Social Parody About Jehovah’s Greatest Wickedness

Audrey A. Thomas’ books are inspiring and life-changing, encouraging readers to set goals, strive for success, and have faith in God, ultimately strengthening Christian values and leading better lives. Here you can find enlightenment, change, and tranquility by going through personal transformations, intellectual development, and maintaining a positive outlook on life. Your Eyes Can’t See My Heart, and several other books Ego Has No Place in Law, and Christian B$tch.

Find out more about Mrs. Thomas’ book and visit our book page to see more of her work as she takes you along for the ride. Absolutely riveting, you can’t dare to miss!

About the Author

Audrey A. Thomas, ESQ.

She is an inspirational speaker, radio show host, lawyer, youth advocate, humanitarian, and author of several books, including Your Eyes Can’t See My Heart; Failure To Man Is Not Failure To God; Ego Has No Place In The Law, and Christian B$tch. In fact, she has been in the spotlight for most of her life that she has received several awards, such as Carl B. Moxie’s Best Radio Show Host, Linkage Award, and Mother of the Year.

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